Just like Costa Rica’s picturesque landscapes and happy residents, its coffee never ceases to amaze me. Brightness, vibrancy, and fruit flavors are some attributes that come to mind. 

Higher grown Costa Rican coffees are well renowned and notable for good body, bright acidity with a clean taste and crisp finish. That’s what I’m loving about our PURAVIDA (West Valley Ateneo - Atenas area of Alajuela, Costa Rica) but most importantly finding the appropriate roasting profile to not take anything away from this beautiful bean.

When I first got my hands on this, I was playing around and definitely roasting it too light. When roasted lightly, it was lacking body and sweetness. I didn’t want to take it too dark because any fruit notes would eventually be undetectable.

After trial and error, I believe it tastes best between City + and Full City. I’m so pleased with the finished product but would appreciate you being the judge. Grab a bag of PURAVIDA and let me know how I roasted it. 

About the Farm: Coope Atenas was established in August of 1969 with a membership of 96 small coffee producers from the area of Atenas in Alajuela. The cooperative was founded with the intent to unify the small holder producers of the area and empower farmers to grow, industrialize and market their coffee under their own mark. The cooperative offers various services to members including: technical assistance from agronomists regarding varietals, optimal farming practices bases on location and soil type, fertilizers and pest and disease control to name a few.

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