Expression through coffee and dance is part of our creative approach to life.
It's important our coffee is ethically sourced and rhythmically roasted.
You'll find an artistic touch in every batch.


A dream transpires with hard work, determination, and a lot of coffee!

The founders of Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters, JP and Lauren, weren't always tasting their way to perfect a craft.  After 20 years of competitive ballroom dancing, these Professional World and United States Champions traded in the limelight for coffee beans. 

They share a love of coffee, travel, and artistry so naturally the coffee world for them, quickly evolved into their preferred outlet for passion and creativity.  After an inspirational trip to Costa Rica they found their true calling. "Coffee can be just as dynamic as dancing,” says Lauren, “a cup of coffee holds a world of nuances, rhythms, and emotions.”  Artful roasting reveals those worlds for JP, explaining "The complexity of a coffee bean and developing its roasting potential is an art with no boundaries."

Together, JP and Lauren bring their showman work ethic and rhythmic hearts in delivering beautiful roasts. Proudly roasting in Belmont, North Carolina, Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters have mindfully selected beans from among the world's best tasting coffee varieties to ensure your inspiration. 


LYMAN Y. HEUNG - Triple Threat

Posted by Dancing Ox

Hello everyone! We are Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters, Lauren and JP "Da Roasta", bringing you not only great beverages but the perfect blend of coffee and dance. We're here with...

IZZY ODIGIE - Afro-fusion Dancer and Choreographer

Posted by Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters

Join Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters as we get to know the beautiful and ultra talented Afro-fusion dancer and choreographer, Izzy Odigie! Find out how she got started, what's brewing, and what kind of tea...

TOBIÁŠ KOŠIR - 9 Time World Tap Champion

Posted by Lauren Schelfhaudt

As the lockdown continues, we find more ways to have fun at home. Check out this impromptu backyard interview and get a little more familiar with who we are and...


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