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DJ Maksy


Lauren and JP of Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters had the pleasure of getting to know DJ Maksy, the official World DanceSport Federation DJ!...

First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge how inspiring your music is to ballroom dancers from all over the world. It’s new, vibrant, and always evolving. We especially enjoyed dancing to DJ Maksy music while we were dancing professionally. You’ve been a great addition and influencer to the world of ballroom dance! 

You seem to know exactly what type of music dancers want to compete and practice to!  Were you ever a dancer?

Yes, I certainly know what kind of music dancers need. I often talk to some top couples to get the their feedback. I also used to be a competitive ballroom dancer myself from the age of 14 until 24. I started as a 10-dancer, then switched to just Latin later on.

Where are you from and where do you reside?

I was born in Estonia and currently reside in Tallinn.

Your music is always very current, always adapting. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love music of the 80s - 90s and whenever my girlfriend is next to me. She's my biggest inspiration!

What’s your favorite dance to mix and why?

Samba and Rumba. They are the easiest to mix.

What type of music do you listen to in your spare time?

I like to listen to Deep House, Future House, Liquid Dram and Bass. When it comes to Russian artists - Jah Khalib and Makvin.

We would love to know if DJ Maksy drinks coffee or tea! 

I really don't drink much coffee.. very seldom.. maybe once a month but I do drink plenty of green tea!

What’s next for DJ Maksy?

DanceSport Records and I are getting ready to release the following albums: Hot Rhythm 3, Martini Rhythm Remastered, and Oversway 3 all while working on an upcoming dance application DanStream. The real goal is to become the best DanceSport DJ!

What piece of advice would you offer aspiring artists?

I'd suggest to start by seeing what you really like out there, switching it to your interpretation and finally creating your own vision while always believing in yourself. Don't listen to anybody's doubts. People told me I was making bad music but that never stopped me, instead I used that as a motivation to better myself and my craft. As a result dance federations, judges and of course dancers are very familiar and in fond of my music! 

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