Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters wants your coffee shop, restaurant, food truck, real estate office, speed boat cafe or any kind of people pleasing business, sipping on dancing coffee! Discover the perfect blend of coffee and dance. 


​What kind of coffee do you carry?

Drip, blends, espresso, and natural infusions from the worlds best tasting coffee nations. We love hearing what your customers want! Keep traditions consistent or push the boundaries of exploration, we have beans for everyone. 

​When do you roast?

​The roast dance takes place Monday through Friday. All orders are shipped within two business days.

Can I get my coffee roasted darker than you usually do?

Absolutely! Let us know how we can adjust the roast to your preferred level. 

Can you create a custom blend for my cafe?

Yes! We love getting creative with our wholesale partners.  

Contact us to start choreographing your vision!