During this difficult and uncertain time, finding entertaining things to do at home has turned into a new creative challenge. Today in North Carolina, we discovered drinking coffee while dancing is a much better way to enjoy a cup o' joe. It was so good we had to share...with each other.

Stay safe, healthy, and use this time to enjoy the little things in life, like coffee. The dance is Salsa and the coffee is Tana - a beautiful Ethiopian GERA Estate coffee in the Djimma region available online.

Disclaimer: Dancing Ox Coffee does not recommend sharing coffee mugs. This video is for entertainment purposes only :)
Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters North Carolina - Specialty Small Batch Coffee

What we're drinking today: Tana - GERA Estate Djimma, Ethiopia
Who we are: Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters - North Carolina specialty small batch coffee roaster, retail and wholesale.
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