No time to sleep.
Use the night to Milonga!

This Dancing Ox Coffee best seller is a mysterious medium-dark blend is suitable for taking on the Tango subculture. Milonga is both a style of Argentine Tango and a social dance gathering as a place of practice. Milonga mood is dark and danced at night. Let this fascinating blend take you on a journey through the Tango halls of South America. 

Enjoy a classic medium-dark roasted cup filled with chocolate and brown sugar notes! 

About the Beans...

Coffee: Peru Grade 1, Fair Trade & Organic + Paubrasil
Origins: Amazonas Region, Peru / Cerrado Mineiro DO, Brazil 
Process: Fully Washed / Natural
Experience: Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Apple, Velvet
Roast Level: Medium-Dark 

A seasonal blend. Farms and tasting notes subject to change.

Size & Grind