Most of us are at home and not knowing what social restrictions tomorrow will bring. Let's focus on the little things in life that bring us joy and inspiration. For us, having a good cup of coffee is one of them. Cold Brew is a smooth, less acidic way of brewing's simply coarse coffee steeped in cold or room temperature water overnight. 

How To Make Cold Brew At Home


  • 1 cup (4 ounces / 113 grams) coarsely ground coffee - Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee are my personal favorites for this method

  • 4 cups (32 ounces / 907 grams) filtered water


  • 1 1/2 quart (or larger) liquid container (steeping container)

  • Strainer

  • Coffee filter, cheesecloth (I’ve also used a strainer from my juicer machine)

  • Bottle or jar, for storing your cold-brew

Make It!

1. Combine coffee and water: Add coarsely ground coffee to the container you're using to make the cold brew. Pour the water over top. Stir gently to make sure the grounds are completely saturated with water.

2. Steep overnight: Cover the jar with a lid or a small plate to protect it from dust. Let the coffee steep for about 12 -24 hours. This can be left on the counter or in refrigerator...steeping time is the same for both.

3. Strain the coffee: After steeping for 12-24 hours, line a strainer with coffee filter or cheesecloth and place over a large measuring cup or bowl. Pour the coffee through the strainer.

4. Voilà: Transfer filtered coffee to a small bottle or jar and store in the fridge. Refrigerated cold brew is good up to a week. Add more water if you desire a less concentrated version.

dancing ox coffee roasters - cold brew 

Stay tuned for Dancing Ox Coffee Cold Brew Kit! No matter what the circumstances bring us, never stop creating! Send us pics or a note how your cold brew turned out!

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