ADAGIO_costa rica & brazil
ADAGIO_costa rica & brazil
ADAGIO_costa rica & brazil
ADAGIO_costa rica & brazil
Why not enjoy these talented Adagio dancers while drinking Dancing Ox Coffee's Adagio?

ADAGIO_costa rica & brazil


Sometimes the mood calls for ADAGIO. 
Take it slow to refine your movements seamlessly.

Coffee: Costa Rica SHB Tarrazú La Pastora & Brazil Cerrado
Origins: Tarrazú, Costa Rica / Cerrado Minas Gerais, Brazil  
Process: Fully Washed / Natural
Elevation: 1,371 Average Meters
Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Peach, Almond
Roast Level: Medium  

Adagio in dance and music, can be interpreted as slow tempo expression. Ballet and contemporary dancers will sometimes reflect this type of music with a series of fundamental techniques or improvisational movements. It's quite beautiful to watch. It requires great strength, focus, and control. Adrenaline sometimes wants the contrary. 

Life moves fast enough, try a little ADAGIO today!