What's not boring?...Learning how to dance and drinking good coffee! We are Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters and today we're bringing the perfect blend of coffee and dance to your attention. Introducing one of our most delicious blends...Promenade.

Promenade is a blend of Mexico and Ethiopia. When we first tasted this, we felt it was smooth, charismatic, and jazzy so we thought it definitely has to be a Foxtrot themed coffee. We're former ballroom dancers so we love thinking of different names that relate to ballroom dancing.

Promenade is also a step in Foxtrot! This will be the start of a 5-Step Series in Foxtrot. Today we'll start with a very easy bronze level step called the Box Step. Foxtrot is a dance that really travels around the dance floor. Since we're all confined to small spaces in this quarantine, this stationary step will be so easy for you to learn in your room of choice. Pour some Promenade and get ready to Foxtrot!

What we're drinking today: Promenade - Mexico and Ethiopia coffee. Available online.
Who we are: Dancing Ox Coffee Roasters - North Carolina specialty small batch coffee roaster, retail and wholesale.
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